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"After six months of hibernation, the adorable European Ground Squirrels are finally waking up - and they are hungry! Witness their spectacular flower feast and follow them as they have something very important to prepare for..."

I created Wake Up & Smell the Flowers to celebrate European Ground Squirrels, an absolutely adorable species!

The idea of a frantic flower feast taking place in nature was something, I believe, everyone just has to see.


This film is important because European Ground Squirrels are endangered and threatened. Despite being a protected species, their habitats are still being destroyed and fragmented due to agricultural expansions and building developments. This film is intended to raise awareness for this beautiful species and hopefully inspire those who live in the same countries as ground squirrels, to help them.

Currently European Ground Squirrels are resident in:

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Moldova,

North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey. 

How can you help European Ground Squirrels? 

  • Pressure governments to ensure their protection

  • Oppose construction on ground squirrel habitats

  • Support conservation groups taking action for ground squirrels

  • Only feed a ground squirrel sunflower seeds, flowers from their habitat, or pieces of apple or carrot.


Yaz Ellis - Camera Operator Vienna, Austria
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